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A Short Intro on PST Splitter software

Is your Outlook is running slow? Do you want to improve the Performance of Outlook?

Is your PST File is huge? How to manage large PST files? Is there any PST Split Software or Tool available?

What are the functionalities of PST Splitter?

When it comes to select a name for an application that can be said as your personal information manager then the Microsoft Outlook is at the top of the list. Millions of outlook users all over the world are known to this fact that Microsoft outlook is the most powerful application that has many sub-applications in it. It contains an email application, a calendar, a Task manager, a contact manager, a note taking application, a journal and web browsing application. All these things make outlook a multipurpose application for personal information management.

Microsoft has developed it time to time and new and advance version of outlook came in market. The latest release of outlook from Microsoft is Microsoft Office outlook 2007. The enhancements in this version are:
  • 1. Manage your Time and Information
  • 2. Connect Across Boundaries
  • 3. Improved email control and protection

Have you ever think that how does outlook saves the data and what are the file formats it uses? Outlook uses the Personal Storage Table (.PST) to store local copies of the messages, calendar entries and all other items. Other applications like Microsoft Exchange client and Windows messaging also use this file format. By Default every profile in outlook is provided one PST file whose maximum size limit is 2GB. Since everything that you store in your outlook is stored in the PST, the size of PST file will increase and this will directly affect the performance of the outlook. The bigger the PST file will be, the more resources it will need for the better performance. So the solution is to Split Large PST File. Now you may think that How to split large PST file.


Most of the outlook users have complained about the slowdown of outlook. We face slow performance of outlook in moving, searching due large size and large number of items in the PST file. When the PST file crosses the barrier of 1.5 GB then you will start encountering the slow performance and it get corrupted when the size crosses the 2GB limit. This problem is now solved. The logic behind it is to split the large PST file to smaller PST files so that the number of files per PST file will be balanced and outlook will easily search if the files will be less. For this purpose software named PST Splitter is created.PST splitter tool provides best solution for 2 GB pst file split


The PST Splitter is an ultimate tool to split PST file easily splits large PST files into smaller parts and make new split PST files which are faster to operate on outlook as having less number of items in them and capable to add more number of items. The searching becomes very easy after splitting. The important thing is that it does not hamper the original file so you are allowed to use the PST file in outlook as all of them are independent with each other.

PST File Splitter allows you to split PST by size, by folder and even split selected folders from PST file.

The features of PST Splitter software are:

  • Split outlook achieves rapidly without problems
  • Keep accurate Metadata such as to, from, cc, bcc, sent date, received dates and times
  • Splits all items of Outlook mailboxes such as emails, contacts, calendars, journal, and tasks
  • You can split large PST file to as much smaller PST files as you want
  • It will show full onscreen progress of PST Split process
  • PST File Splitter can work with workstations and systems

The PST File Splitter will divide Pst file into smaller pst file and is compatible to work on all the 32 bit and 64 bit windows operating systems so to overcome large PST file problems, use PST Splitter now.

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