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We know that MS outlook is one of the best applications in MS Office suite. We use it for messaging, emails, contact management, data management (drafts), notes, calendar entries, web surfing and many more. To store all these kinds of data and information, MS Outlook uses the PST Files. It is the main area where all the user files are stored. In Microsoft outlook 2002 or earlier version there was a limitation of 2GB size limit for the PST files. When we create a profile in outlook, it creates single PST file. This file contains all the different files that the user saves in Outlook.

Due to the large number of files whose size is also large, the size of PST file reaches up to 2GB in a very short duration. This becomes the cause of corruption. You may see error messages like Error Code: 0x80040116 ", "Errors have been detected in the file". MS Outlook provides scanpst.exe tool to repair corrupt PST file. Run scanpst.exe to repair corrupt PST file but in many of the situations it fails to repair corrupt PST file

In Outlook 2003 or later the 2GB size limitation was over and the PST can be bigger than that. But the problem occurred in outlook 2003 or later versions are when you try to import the data from huge PST file like a 4GB PST file, the operations on these files becomes very tedious. It has been encountered that when you create a new PST file and try to import all your emails from the 4GB PST files, it does not complete or takes very much time. So no matter where it is a 2GB file or 4GB file, you always face the problem if the size is really large.

After working on this issue, finally the programmer made software for 2GB PST Split and 4GB PST Split. 2GB Outlook PST Split tool solve the problem to divide large size Pst file .The Software is known as PST file splitter or PST splitter.

It is the ultimate solution to protect your PST files from being lost or corrupted. You can use this software to Use Split PST Tool to split the large sized Files into small chunks. It is better to use the tool before the files get corrupted and inaccessible because prevention is better than cure. Download the PST File splitter, perform the 2GB PST Split and 4GB PST split to stay away from the corruption and outlook slowdown problems.

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