Split Large PST Files
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Divide Large PST Files: File Splitting Tool

Divide Large PST Files

How to make MS Outlook faster?

How to Divide Large PST File? What are its benefits?

What are the tools for dividing PST file?

Large PST files are really unmanageable for the computer user as well as Microsoft Outlook. One of the major drawbacks of outlook 2002 or earlier versions was that the PST files get corrupted when the size crosses the 2GB limit. In the outlook 2003 and later version Microsoft solved this problem but don't do anything for the older versions that still are using by millions of users across the world. And thus user need to Split 2GB PST File in smaller PST file to solve PST corruption issue.

To solve this problem the software people came with a solution. The solution was to divide Large PST file in to small PST files so that the size of an individual file become very less than 2 GB. Suppose you have a PST file which is not corrupted and its size is near 2000MB and you divide PST file into 5 PST files of size 400MB each. After doing this the Microsoft outlook will treat each PST file as an independent file and since the size is so less, all the operations like moving, searching etc. become very fast.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not given any utility like scanpst.exe or inbox repair tool to divide large PST file but the software developers have create softwares to divide PST file. There are many options online websites that made the PST Splitting Tool that is capable to divide large PST file into small PST files. The Software is named as PST Splitter.

PST Splitter software Key features

  • Create unique profile for individual PST files
  • Supports all the versions of MS outlook
  • Divide large PST file to small PST files
  • Compatible with all the windows OS like 2000, XP, vista etc.
  • Is fast, reliable and safely divide large files without altering the data of large PST file

You can free download the trial version of this software to see how capable this is. It does not make changes in original PST file and give you a number of small PST files. After creating the profiles you can see the better performance of your outlook. This Split PST Tool is used to split Outlook PST File by Date, Size, Year. Download PST Splitter to divide large PST files now!

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