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Split 4GB PST file to repair Outlook pst file damage

Scanpst.exe is a repair utility provided by Outlook application in order to deal with Microsoft pst file issues. The purpose of providing the tool is to fix the corruption or damage encountered with Outlook PST files. PST file corruption or damage can be encountered in following ways:-

  • In case of virus application infection.
  • Due to constant storage of data inside the pst file that has lead to increase the file size above the file size limit.

To overcome such critical issues of pst file user is given the repair utility called scanpst.exe. But it is seen that scanpst.exe gets failed sometimes to fix the pst file and thereafter error message appears on the screen as given below:-

“Scanpst.exe fatal error: 80040818”.

The reason behind it could be one of the following:-

  • Outlook pst file is oversized.
  • The header of Outlook pst file is corrupt.

With the limited capability to fix damaged or corrupt pst file scanpst.exe often fails to deal with the pst file issue those are severely corrupt with fatal malware or in case if the files have gone oversized. But pst repair is necessary to be done otherwise no data can be accessed from the mail account.

Oversized pst file often triggers Scanpst.exe error 80040818 in case if scanpst.exe is used to fix it and thereby user has to split this pst file so as to lessen the file size and then try to repair it using the scanpst.exe tool. Using pst splitter software one can fix large pst file problem and save the entire data. Without any data loss and Scanpst.exe error 80040818 issue Outlook oversized pst file gets resolved with this excellent third party software.

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