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Microsoft Outlook pst file as is known to be one of the most familiar application used for organizing emails. Outlook maintains the entire content inside the single pst file and from here they are accessed whenever they are needed by the user. Data comprised inside the pst file includes tasks, notes, journals, attachments and many more. Loosing data from pst file means the entire content of Outlook mail turns inaccessible and therefore no mails are able to be opened or even while sending or receiving mails process is also interrupted. Such problem happens because of continual compilation of entire data inside the pst file and as the file size of Outlook pst is limited to 2GB.

These large pst file always creates problem leading into slow Outlook processing therefore it requires to fix oversize Outlook pst file such that data inside the pst file remain safe and do not get lost. While the pst file are oversize and user attempts to open any mail Outlook triggers error message on the screen. To fix the large pst file one needs to reduce the pst file size and for that one can go through one of the following ways mentioned below;-

Generally people think as deleting some files from the pst file can reduce pst file size however the fact is that deleting the files or other data from pst file it goes to the deleted item folder. Thus removing those data from deleted item is necessary. Moreover while one remove the entire data from deleted item or the unnecessary files are removed from the pst file, those content are not removed instantly from there thus the pst file size remains the same and keeps creating issue while accessing, sending or receiving mails.

Hence large pst file can be resolved by means of compact pst file method. Under this procedure user has to compress the pst file so that the file size turns reduced. Basically the attachments that exists with the mails are itself of large size and therefore removing such attachments file the file size of Outlook pst are able to be reduced. Compact pst file helps in reducing the pst file size and thus removal of large attachments files compressing the pst file helps to lessen the enlarged pst fie size.

Somehow with the compact pst file method one has to remove data in the form of attachment file from Outlook pst file leading user to go through data loss. Hence to get rid of data loss and resolve large pst file issue here is an excellent software known as Split PST file providing the tools splitting the pst file so as to divide them in small file size and without having gone through any data loss the entire pst file issue is fixed. Modules integrated with the software is user friendly with easy and safe split procedure.

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