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Cut PST file to repair Oversize Outlook PST

Outlook pst file as is the basic storage repository where the entire information related to the user inbox mailbox are stored and are organized in index manner. It includes the storage of calendars, Windows messages and is known as various file format such as .pab(personal address book, .ost(off-line storage table as well as personal storage table also.

By means of using the fixed block based pst file allocation scheme these pst files keeps getting enlarged with constant fixed amount of bytes and along with the data maintained within the allocated as well as unallocated blocks. Hence as the email messages are added to .pst file, mail client automatically adjusts the file size. Moreover in case if data is deleted then still the file size remains same having a free space vacant for the data in the future to be allocated in the void space.

MS-Outlook 2002 along with the earlier version features ANSI codes for .pst and .ost files. The maximum limitation of the file size in this format is about 2GB. Outlook pst file when exceed this file size limitation then Outlook starts giving error message while opening emails or sending or receiving mails too becomes troublesome for users. However in order fix pst file error the file size is needed to be reduced.

Outlook pst file by means of archiving method is also used many times to get the Outlook pst file size reduced however it does resolves the oversize pst file problem data loss issue still persists because of compacting the pst file. Hence to sort out Outlook pst file it is required to use another third party software known as PST Splitter software that is fabricated with cut pst file tools to split Outlook pst file having file size increased beyond the limited file size. The software PST splitter tool helps to cut pst files dividing them in smaller file size.

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