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Outlook error 0x80040600 Causes and Solution!

Do you keep all your mailbox data in Outlook application? If yes then have you ever gone through fatal error while accessing or sending or receiving the mails? Errors do take place while managing data inside Outlook and these errors denotes problem associated with Outlook pst file. PST file comprises the entire information associated with an individual mail account hording journals, notes, task, contacts, mails, calendars, etc. Data re arranged in index manner inside the PST file and the entire information are kept inside it gradually.

However it has certain limitation concerned with file size and that is in case if the amount of data in Outlook PST file exceeds beyond 2GB then there is a maximum possibility of damage or corruption to occur inside the PST file and due to that PST files turns inaccessible being unable to open mails or problem while sending or receiving mails. One of the common error users come across in case of PST file damage or corruption is Outlook error 0x80040600.

Outlook error 0x80040600 causes serious trouble and if didn’t get resolved user may lose the entire data from the Outlook thus it is necessary for one to fix Outlook error 0x80040600 soon so as to save information from Outlook mail from being lost.

How to fix Outlook error 0x80040600?

To fix Outlook error 0x80040600 one can use inbox repair tool offered as default with MS-Office application. Inbox repair tool is programmed to fix PST file related issues including PST file corruption or damage. Apart from that if the inbox repair tool gets failed to fix Outlook error 0x80040600 then it is surely needed to use third party software known as Outlook PST repair so as to fix Outlook error 0x80040600.

Since inbox repair tool has its own limitation to fix pst file issue like it is not possible to fix severely corrupt PST file using inbox repair tool. Moreover if the PST files are oversized with file size exceeded beyond 2GB then also inbox repair tool is not able to fix such PST file. Oversized PST file are not able to be opened with unknown Outlook error 0x80040600 appearing on the screen, but if appropriate tool is used to fix oversized PST file then the error is able to be fixed.

Split PST tool is featured with excellent PST splitting algorithm that splits the over sized pst file in the smaller file size form. One need not remove any data from PST file or do need to compress the PST file also and without losing single data the oversized PST file gets fixed with easy and instant slit pst feature and so on one gets able to fix Outlook error 0x80040600.

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