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Why does Outlook hangs on startup?

Microsoft Outlook as is provided an application software that is meant for managing the contacts, messages, mails as well as other notes or tasks of the user mailbox and all the entire data is maintained inside the index file known as pst file. Outlook although is an excellent mailbox data management application however sometime it creates issues as well.

Outlook hangs up on startup sometimes but this abrupt behavior of Outlook is not at all normal and is an indication of problem encountered with the Outlook application. Every time one starts Outlook application it gets hanged or even crashed just few minutes after the start process. To overcome this situation user is required to follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Exit the outlook application and other application too those are running on the system using the option 'Force Quit' provided in Apple menu and click 'Force Quite' until Outlook and other application are stopped.
  • The problem might be encountered due to the account settings or the sending or receiving activities those are pending one hence it is suggested to open the Outlook application without any schedules being running so as to get connected to the mail server.
  • As it could also be due to the damaged Outlook preferences therefore one needs to move the preferences to the desktop. This requires selecting the home and 'Go' menu and thus access the 'library' and then drag up the files including com.microsoft.outlook.database_daemon.plist, com.microsoft.outlook.office_reminders.plist, com.microsoft.outlook.database_utility.plist, com.microsoft.Outlook.SyncServicesPreferences.plist. These files after getting dragged are required to be placed on the desktop. And then access outlook and if the error still triggers then out the moved files to the original location.

  • Sudden hang up of Outlook on start up can also be due to startup items thus cleans the startup items of the operating system by means of starting it in safe mode so that the background programs that is interfering the Outlook application could be stopped.
  • Despite of trying the entire attempt mentioned above if still Outlook hangs up or crash then it the problem seems to be associated with the Outlook large pst file problem. Hence to get the problem resolved user needs to fix large pst file using pst split tool. This tool splits the Outlook pst file into concise file size and thus without loosing a single data large pst problem gets fixed instantly.

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