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Resolving “Outlook pst file can't be opened” error

Do you manage your mailbox details using Outlook application? Outlook brings organized trend to maintain the entire details associated with the mailbox files along with the entire contacts, tasks, notes, files, attachments, etc inside the index file called PST file. The file act as the skeleton of the Outlook program comprising the entire information in there. Thus it is necessary that this pst file remain well for the proper functioning of the Outlook application such that user do not loses any data.

But as contents are added in the mailbox so the data inside the PST file too exceeds which in turn harms the file when it goes beyond the file size limitation. Outlook 2003 and earlier version limits the PST file upto 2GB file size and in case if the PST file size gets increased above the limitation it damages the PST file and thereby no data is abe to be accessed from the mailbox. User in such situation if tries to open the pst file it shows error message as given below:-

“Outlook error: PST file can't be opened”

The error once appeared on the screen drops the access of files from mailbox. The problem is once the file goes above the stipulated size limitation .pst file gets damaged and hence shows such reaction thus to get rid of “Outlook pst file can't be opened” error an application called inbox repair tool is provided as integrated with Outlook application for resolving the problem associated with Outlook PST file but it too has certain limits like it can't repair the pst file with large files size.

Hence to fix such large pst file and fix “Outlook pst file can't be opened” error it is necessary to go for the step that fix the large pst file issue without any data loss. Inbox repair tool can't do so therefore the best solution to fix the issue is PST splitter software that is prepared to split the large PST files so as to be divided into smaller file sizes and therefore one can access the data of the mailbox thereby. PST Splitter software splits the large PST files and thus with the divided PST file no large file size issue remains there and therefore no further hindrance is observed letting the entire data of the mailbox to be accessed by the user.

System Requirements

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