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Method to Fix Outlook 2007 Stop Responding Issue when accessing emails!

MS Outlook 2007 is the advanced email client and personal information manager used by millions of people worldwide. Compared to older version, it is integrated with enhanced features and functionality to allow users easily manage emails, contacts, notes, calendars, tasks and other. Regardless of that, sometimes users encounter annoying error message and Outlook 2007 stop responding when user try to send or receive emails or copying, editing or moving emails, creating a new email, switching between multiple folders and synchronization among other things.

There are many reasons responsible for Outlook 2007 stop responding problem, but some common and possible causes are listed below:

  • When the size of the pst file approaches 4GB size limit
  • It may be caused due to oversized pst file issues
  • Installed Add-ins may be one reason
  • Outlook.pst file is damaged or corrupted
  • Some antivirus program prevent Outlook from functioning properly and causes frequent freezing

Whatever the reason be, once the Outlook 2007 stop responding or freezes, its prevents user accessing pst file which finally results into the data loss. So, it is very important to fix this issue as quick as possible to make pst accessible. In order to resolve this issue,

  • Launch Outlook 2007 from command prompt with safe parameter to load it without add-ins
  • Disable or uninstall Add-Ins. This may work to resolve this issue
  • Turn off email scanning in your firewall and antivirus program

If the problem is due to oversized pst file, then you need to split the pst file into smaller size. For this, you can take help of archive feature to move the pst data into new .pst file. But if archive feature does not work, then you must take help of third party pst splitter tool to split the large pst file into small size in order to make them manageable. Splitting Pst file help to easily fetch Pst file and thus Outlook 2007 stop responding issue will be easily resolved.

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