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Fix Outlook 2010 slow performance issue

Outlook 2010 is the latest version of MS Outlook. It is integrated with enhanced features to make your email management task more easier. Nowadays, many Outlook users are switching to this 2010 version due to its easy to access interface and features. However, regardless of that sometimes users experience slow Outlook 2010 performance due to some logical or physical errors. Several annoying problem that you come across due to Outlook 2010 slow performance like:

  • Outlook takes unusual time to start
  • Outlook respond slowly when you send or receive emails
  • Outlook 2010 may hang in between due to which you need to restart your system
  • Increases the chances of Outlook.pst file corruption

Outlook 2010 may slow down due to one or other reasons like:

  • Improper client or server hardware settings
  • Corrupt email message in the inbox folder
  • Using anti-virus that is incompatible with the Outlook version
  • Add-in related errors
  • TCP/IP errors

Whatever the reason of slow Outlook 2010 performance, it interrupts the overall task and ultimately leads to data loss situations. Therefore, for efficient working of Outlook and to be able to perform, email sending and receiving and other Outlook related task efficiently, it becomes important to resolve this problem immediately.

Delete emails with large attachments: Emails saved with large attachments contribute to large part of the pst file. You should deleted emails with large attachments in order to reduce the size of the pst up to some extent

Compact the pst file: Once you have deleted emails from the deleted item folder, then now its time to compact the pst file. This is because even if you marked email for deletion, it does not removed permanently, therefore after compacting the pst file, emails are deleted permanently

Try to keep pst file below 10 GB: Although Outlook 2010 doesn't have any issue with oversized Pst file as the default size of the Pst file in Outlook 2010 is set to 20 GB. However, if the file exceeds 10 GB, it makes Outlook 2010 slow. To resolve this problem, split pst file using an professional pst splitter tool. The tool uses advance algorithm to break the large pst file into several parameters like email, folders, date, size etc. This will further helps you fetch and update Outlook pst easily.

So, just by following above mentioned steps, you can resolve Outlook 2010 slow performance issues easily.

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