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Resolve Outlook pst file too large issue

Microsoft Outlook manages the entire data inside the PST file within index file and whatever mails are sent or received are arranged in the pst file in the organized manner. Moreover information related to the mailbox including contacts, tasks, calendars, appointments as well as other related data are also maintained in the index pst file. But if this PST file goes damaged no information are able to be accessed.

Outlook pst file damaged is also found to be occurred due to file size exceeding beyond 2GB. The oversize Outlook pst file triggers abnormal processing of Outlook application showing error note all the times troubling the user. Outlook pst file too large issue leads to process the mails sending or receiving speed slow and even causes problem to get opened.

The error to be resolved requires the oversize pst file to be fixed so as to reduce the file size and fix pst oversize error. Although Outlook has an inbuilt utility to fix the pst file issues and is known as inbox repair tool but this tool is not able to fix the oversize Outlook pst file having file size beyond 2 GB.

Outlook pst file too large issue is necessary to be fixed otherwise huge amount data will be lost and no further recovery will be possible to be done. Solution to fix oversize pst file are as below :-

  • Truncate the pst file to get the file size reduced.
  • Crop tool is also used many times in order to reduce the pst file.
  • But the problem is, via pst file truncation or cropping there is maximum possibility of data loss. The solution for oversize pst is possible by means of splitting the pst file with the help of PST splitter software. The software pst splitter is user friendly and resolves the oversize pst file issue without any data loss. Once splitting the pst file no any error message will be displayed and therefore no slow processing of pst file will occur at all.

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