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Resolving out of memory error in Outlook 2007

MS Outlook 2007 is an efficient data management application. It allows you manage and store personal data like emails, journals, notes, tasks, attachments in an organized manner. However, at times user experience abrupt Outlook behavior due to the large pst size. Having large pst size not only increases the chances of pst corruption but also affects simple Outlook tasks like sending and receiving emails and opening emails. It leads to slow Outlook application execution,unexpected system shut down and even Outlook crash. One of the most common error experienced by Outlook 2007 user is “out of memory error in Outlook 2007”.

In such case, whenever user attempts to access emails or tries to send or receive emails, following error message appears on the screen as follow:

“Task= 'task-name' : Sending and receiving reported error (0x8007000E):'Out of memory error or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again”

There are several reasons that are responsible for the eruption of above error in Outlook 2007 like:

  • Due to oversized PST File issue
  • Damaged Mapi32.dll file
  • Inadequate memory space

In order to troubleshoot “Out of memory error in 2007”, it is required to improve the memory space. It is best to disable other application if running simultaneously. In addition, you need to reduce the pst file size. This can be done in following manner:

  • Archive Pst file to move old emails to the new PST
  • Delete emails that are of no use, empty the “delete item folder” and then compact the pst file
  • Split or divide pst file into smaller size so that it can be easily fetched. For this, you can take help of third party PST splitter tool

Pst Splitter is a best utility to fix “out of memory error in Outlook 2007”. Using this application, you will be able to split large pst into small partition which can be directly imported to Outlook 2007.

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