Split Large PST Files
PST Splitter helps to Split Large Files Easily
Resolve oversized PST issue with PST crop utility!

Are you unable to access your important Outlook emails due to oversized PST issues? Then no need to worry at all. With the help of pst crop utility, you can easily resolve oversized pst issue. Well, Microsoft Outlook is popularly used application for storing emails, contacts, calendars etc. It allows you send and receive emails, create calendar entries, save documents and loads of things. In MS Outlook 2002 and its earlier version, the size of the pst is limited to 2GB limit. If the size of the file exceed 2GB limit, then pst file gets corrupted and Outlook starts performing abruptly.

Due to the oversized pst file, Outlook start behaving abnormally and takes unusual time to open emails, sending or receiving emails. In such case, when you try to access emails, you may receive errors like:

  • Reported error 0x00040820
  • Task Microsoft Exchange server
  • Error in background synchronization

Above situations causes inaccessibility to the data. In order to resolve this problem, it becomes essential to split oversized pst file. The utility easily crop and reduces the size of the pst file. The tool deleted up to 25 MB of data from the Pst file and bring back to its usability.

In order to use Pst crop utility, follow the following steps:

  • Launch Pst2gb.exe program
  • Click browse to select oversized pst file and then click open
  • Now click create
  • Select the name and location of the truncated data that you want to create and then click save
  • Now, enter the amount of data that you want to truncate in the pst file

After truncating the pst file, you can use inbox repair tool to repair the corrupted pst file. However, the only drawback with the pst crop utility is the loss of your important data. Therefore, if you have crucial PST file, then it is better to use third party pst splitter tool. The utility easily split large/oversized pst file and without any data loss. It is compatible with almost all versions of Outlook.

System Requirements

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