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Outlook Database Rebuild issues!

Outlook being a frequently used email client application manages entire information inside the database pst file. It organizes address, calendar as well as emails in the index manner and whenever user access the mailbox to view the contact list or calendar information or any mails, the data from here is retrieved to get displayed over the screen. As use of Outlook is often on the internet so chances of infection of this pst file is quite more. Outlook database does often suffer several other issues those are as below:-

  • Opening the Outlook application gets failed with freezing and sudden shutdown.
  • Problem while accessing Outlook pst file as no item appear in proper manner.
  • User finds weird behavior such as schedules, contacts as well as reminders are not accessed with lots of data being missing or inaccessible.
  • Outlook contacts or message shows blank lines.

In case if such unusual behavior takes place with the Outlook application, user is notified with error message and prompts him to rebuild database with recommending to run inbox repair tool so as to fix the Outlook database issues.

As the alert message prompts to rebuild Outlook database is only because the Outlook pst file is gone corrupt and that's why Outlook is asking user to rebuild the database however one can fix the situation by means of using scanpst.exe. Scanpst.exe is programmed to fix the corruption or error issues concerned with the Outlook pst file and also rebuild Outlook database having batch steps that are needed to be followed. While rebuilding it will ask to rebuild the damaged pst structure too. So run the tool and it will instantly go through corrupt database and resolve it.

But inbox repair tool has certain restriction that is Outlook pst file size of ANSI format if goes above 2GB limit then it will turn impossible for inbox repair tool to fix corrupt pst file. Hence it gets necessary to reduce the pst file size using crop tool. But this way user will lose the information that are cropped from the pst file. Hence it is recommended to use pst splitter tool so as to split pst file and data inside the file is ordered in two different pst file. As after splitting pst file the files size issues gets resolved and now open the scanpst.exe to fix the outlook database corruption to get rid of Outlook rebuild database error message.

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