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Troubleshoot & Fix Scanpst Fatal Error 80040806!

Do you encounter scanpst fatal error 80040806 while using scanpst.exe tool to repair damaged Pst file? Scanpst.exe also known as inbox repair tool is an inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft to deal Pst file corruption. The utility does Pst file repair by analyzing the associated file structure. But, sometimes this tool fails with fatal error 80040806.

Consider a situation when you are not able to access PST items like emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks and other. The situation mainly occurs when Pst file gets corrupted or damaged which could be due to virus infection, software malfunctioning, oversized Pst file, header corruption or other. In such case, when you try to run scanpst.exe tool to repair damaged pst file, it fails and following error appears on your PC screen:

Fatal Error:80040806, dwErr=0

Along with this error, similar error message also appear like:

  • Attempting to fix original file
  • Attempting to copy back BBT

Aforesaid error message indicates that scanpst.exe stop responding and fails to resolve PST corruption issues. This makes you unable to access your Pst file. In order to fix scanpst fatal error 80040806, you first need to know about cause of the error.

Some of common cause of Scanpst Fatal error 80040806 and troubleshooting steps are listed below:

  • Improper installation of scanpst.exe in your system. Try to reinstall the application properly
  • Due to severe corruption in PST file. As scanpst.exe tool has its certain limitation, therefore it fails when there is severe Pst corruption other than that of PST header corruption
  • If you are using Outlook 2002 version, then it possible that due to oversized Pst file issues, scanpst.exe fails. In this case, you are required to split the oversized pst file

By splitting the Pst file, scanpst.exe error 80040806 will be resolved and your PST file becomes accessible. You can use third party pst splitter tool to easily get rid of oversized pst file issues and to smoothly access your Pst file once again.

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