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Split 4GB PST file to repair Outlook pst file damage

Microsoft Outlook is a well programmed application that facilitates appropriate management of information related with user mail account. The information those are arranged inside it are tasks, contacts, notes, calendars, etc. The information regarding the mails sent or received by the user are stored inside the database file that comes in indexed manner. This very index files is known as pst file that gradually hordes the entire data associated with Outlook application. However in case if the pst file goes corrupt the whole processing of Outlook application gets disturbed with unusual error striking up whenever any information is stored in the pst database file.

Damage in Outlook pst file can encounter due to lots of problems and among them few leading cause are as below;-

  • Malware infection to the Outlook pst file.
  • PST file size increased than 4GB size limit.

Since it’s often that Outlook pst file comes in contact with several malicious malware and trojan application that are found online targeting the user machine to get into their system by means of various internet resources. Hence they often send trojan links or malware attachments by means of e-mails. User receives such mails and thereby the pst file too gets also infected once such mails are opened.

Moreover the constant storage of the information inside the Outlook pst file increases the pst file size as well but as there is a certain file size limitation and that varies in accordance with different version of Outlook application. Outlook 2003 supporting Unicode format features the pst file size limit till 4GB and therefore in case if the size of the pst file goes beyond the limit user experiences following problems stated below:-

  • Outlook generating issue in opening the pst file.
  • In course of sending or receiving any mails Outlook triggers error message on the screen.
  • The synchronization between the Outlook applications with that of exchange server gets terminated.
  • Slow processing of system together with Outlook application too taking long time to run any task.
  • Unable to find pst file.

Outlook 4GB pst file issue needs to be solved since it will keep triggering problem with no process able to be done and even drops the data access from Outlook pst file. Hence to get rid of that it is necessary to fix the oversized pst file. Although Outlook features an inbuilt utility known as inbox repair tool that features crop tool that helps to crop the pst file in order to trim the file size but the drawback of this pst file is that user loses important data from the pst file.

However this issue is possible to be resolved with easier method and hence in order to resolve the issue user needs to split 4GB pst file taking the help of third party pst repair tool. This application is able to split 4GB pst file in smaller files and therefore without losing single data from the pst file user gets the oversize pst file size issue resolve with split 4GB Outlook PST file feature provided in it. The application is easy to be used with simple interface to process the repair process.

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