Split Large PST Files
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Split Large PST File : For better Outlook performance

Split Large PST File

Why my Outlook become slower? Why PST Files get corrupted?

How to improve the performance of Outlook?

Does splitting Large PST file can solve the problem?

How to split large PST File?

Microsoft Outlook users always look for those tools that make their outlook running faster and give them a high performance experience. We are aware that the outlook versions from outlook 97 to 2002 have a limitation of the file size. When the size of the file reaches 2GB then it get corrupted automatically and all the data present in that PST file will be lost. Due to this big size of the PST file, the outlook also becomes slower. It means we have two objectives, first is to protect the Large PST file from being corrupted and second is to make outlook faster. And for this we need to 2gb split pst file into smaller size PST file.

Both the objectives can be achieved using a single method i.e. split large PST file into smaller files. Now what happens if we split large PST file. Splitting Or Dividing the large PST file makes small PST files of user defined size. Every individual file is independent from each other and contains all the files and metadata that were in the original file. All these things occur without any kind of loss in the source PST file or split PST files.

For this purpose you need to use MS Outlook PST Splitter software. It is an easy and quick PST file splitting software that can split the file in same way that can cover both objectives that are described above. Microsoft outlook also treats each individual PST file as a separate file and all the operations that it now need to perform is on the smaller files where the number of files in those small PST file will be very less than original large PST file.

The features of the PST Splitter tool are:

  • It split large PST file without damaging the original PST file
  • Reliable and user friendly outlook PST splitter tool
  • You can split the files according to the file or folder size
  • You can see the preview of the source PST files
  • It supports all the versions of outlook
  • It can run on windows 2000 and later versions
  • It will split and arrange all the files in the smaller files without losing any data

The software will very easily arrange all your emails, notes, calendar, journal, contacts and other data in the small PST files. As the size of new created PST files can be user defined, it is on you to decide the size of the files.It even when scapst.exe tools fails to run and repair oversized PST file

PST File Splitter allows you to split PST by size, by folder and even split selected folders from PST file.

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